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Business Relocation Made Easy!

Move Your Entire Company AND Keep Your Downtime as Short as Possible?

The challenges that you face as you prepare to move your office, business or operation to a new location may seem insurmountable. With all those details and headaches, it may be time to choose the right professional business relocation specialists to carry the burden for you.

Special Challenges, Made Easy!

Moving & Storage Solutions are the Bellingham corporate relocation moving company who understands that your move is as unique as your business and we are prepared to accommodate all your special needs. Our comprehensive solutions include packing services, clutter clearing, delicate and/or heavy equipment transportation, temporary or long-term warehousing & records storage, overseas shipping, and any special requirements that you have.

Free Smooth-Move Estimate

Your MSS Certified Moving Consultant can answer your questions, do a walkthrough with you, offer expert solutions to your challenges and work with you to create a step-by-step, cost-effective, no-obligation, Smooth-Move Plan & Estimate that gets your company back into full operation as soon as possible. Call Today to Schedule Your FREE Corporate Smooth-Move Consultation!
We are the Bellingham Corporate Relocation company with the expertise to:
  • Plan the Hundreds of Details
  • Have the Right Equipment on Hand
  • Get Everything Packed Carefully
  • Move Across the Street or Around the Globe
  • Then Make Sure You Are Up and Running as Soon as Possible

Corporate relocations: enterprise solutions


Strategic planning with your MSS Certified Moving Consultant makes sure all your business’ special needs are addressed.


When you have a tight timeline, our careful, professional packers can get the job done much faster than your staff can. Its their job.


We have access to any special equipment you may need to move anything that your company must relocate.


If you need a 200 ton punch press, or fragile lab equipment moved, we have just the right expert specialists to make it happen, carefully and without incident.

12 YARDS OR 12,000 MILES

Your move is handled with the very best transportation industry practices and cost-effective methods whether across the street or around the globe.


Getting you up and running —fast— is what your Smooth-Move Plan and Moving & Storage Solutions experts are all about.

Customers Include:

Government Services such as:

  • Social Security Administration
  • Dept. of Fisheries
  • Homeland Security

Corporate Offices such as:

  • Bellingham Eye Physicians
  • Hampton Inn (remodels)
  • Economic Research Institute
  • SensorLink Corporation
  • Cranberry Venture Partners
  • Chocolate Necessities

Corporate Moves such as:

  • Homax
  • Botanical Laboratories
  • Cranberry Venture Partners
  • Papa Murphy’s (Washington State)

LOGISTICS SERVICES RECORDS STORAGE Call Moving and Storage Solutions-the Bellingham Corporate Relocation Company with the resources and experise you need for a smooth business move.